Body Level Hearing Aid

Body Level Hearing Aid

by Arphi
Pocket Model Hearing Aid

Extreme reliability, Longer life, Higher gain, Higher power, Low distortion can be fitted from the mildest to the severest hearing losses, even for the so called “deaf & dumb” Especially adaptable for old age nerve loss (sensory neural loss), conductive loss and other losses such as congential loss (those born with hearing impairement). Helps to hear weak telephone conversations. Universal, Super, Super AVC, Extra Super & Push-Pull models can be used in Deaf Schools for Loop System / direct listening for training simultaneously. Amazing ruggedness. A car with three passengers was driven over the hearing aid FIVE times. The Hearing Aid still worked. (It was, however, scratched somewhat!). Even village shops sell these little batteries. Tremendous economy. Special type batteries no more required.

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