Services that we offers

  • Analog Audiometer
  • Pediatric Screener
  • Digital Audiometer
  • Speech Trainer
  • Group Hearing Aid system
  • Loop Induction System
  • Ear Muff and Protector
  • Hearing Aids

Analog audiometer with manual control Portable diagnostic instrument with sleek and sturdy classic briefcase housing.

  • Test : AC,BC,Tone Decay
  • Digital Manual Interrupter
  • Noise : White noise
  • Output : Left Right ,Bone L+R
  • 230VAC

Battery Operated ultra-small and lightweight air conduction pediatric audio screener.

  • Battery Operated
  • Digitally Controlled tone attenuation
  • Auto Shut off
  • Frequency range 500-4000hz

The 2001 Is a New Generation Digital Audiometer From Arphi. This Clinical / Diagnostic Audiometer Features a Unique Menu-Driven Display And User-Programmable Test Setups For Optimal Operating Efficiency During Daily Routine Examinations.

  • Test : AC,BC,Tone Decay, Speech
  • Special Test :SISI,ABLB,STANGER
  • Noise : Wide band ,Narrow Band
  • Bone : B -71 Bone conductor

Speech Trainer of Arphi Electronics Pvt Ltd helps speed up speech training of hearing impaired children. Provides inbuilt microphones to teacher/speech therapist and student. Speech signals of teacher & student are internally mixed and fed to a stereo headphone. Thus the student can simultaneously hear teachers and her/his own voice.

  • Output: Through stereo headphones.
  • Briefcase model
  • Output level indicators: Analog Indicator
  • Operating Power: 230V, 50Hz

Group Hearing System enables hearing impaired students to study together with students having normal hearing. The System consists of one Teacher’s Mic Amplifier Unit and 8 to 12 Students’ Headphone + Mic Amplifier units. All these are daisy chained such that teacher’s voice together with all students’ voices reaches all students’ headphones.

  • Headphone Output (Student’s Unit)
  • Headphone Impedance
  • Operating Power
  • Dimensions/Weight- (Teacher’s Unit)

This is a powerful Loop Induction System for use of hearing impaired. Microphone or CD signals are amplified and radiated through a wire loop. This radiation can be picked up by T-coils, placed within this loop, of hearing aids.

  • Microphone Sensitivity Control
  • LED bar graph VU meter
  • Loop & Headphone output level
  • CD input
  • Microphone input

Arphi is the exclusive distributor for Electone 100% Digital Hearing Aids. Electone Hearing Aids are available in BTE , ITC and CIC range.
IS: 6000-1971 -method of measurement of Real Ear Attenuation of Ear Protectors at threshold. 

  • TEST : Performance Evaluation
  • Audio frequency generator
  • Audio amplifier
  • Calibrated audio frequency 
  • Loudspeaker

Extreme reliability, Longer life, Higher gain, Higher power, Low distortion can be fitted from the mildest to the severest hearing losses, even for the so called "deaf & dumb" Especially adaptable for old age nerve loss (sensory neural loss), conductive loss and other losses such as congential loss (those born with hearing impairement).

  • TEST : Performance Evaluation
  • Audio frequency generator
  • Audio amplifier
  • Calibrated audio frequency
  • Loudspeaker


Our Team

Mr. Deepak Mhatre

National Sales Manager

Mr. Deepak Mhatre is responsible for overall business of Arphi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Avinash Pawar

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Mr. Avinash Pawar spearheads strategic development & execution of the Company’s long term strategy.

Mr. Viren Karani

Finance Manager

Mr. Viren Karani is responsible for accounts & finance of Arphi Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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