Arphi Accessories

Arphi Accessories

by Arphi

Digital Battery Tester

Small and easy-to-handle battery tester with LCD will quickly indicate current power level with an ascending bar.

,Applicable sizes (675,13,312,10) with battery drawer and chain for attaching keyring.

Ear Light

LED for easy viewing of the ear canal.

Accessory : probe tip, ear picker

Power Supply : AAAx2 (Battery Not Included)

Impression-taking Kit

Used to take impression.

Content :

  1. otoscope – II
  2. Impression material: 500g x 2 two jars with dosing spoons.
  3. Ear light
  4. Impression foam : 2 packs
  5. Tweezers : Bayonet shape
  6. Impression syring

Case Size : 330x280x80 (H)mm

Impression Syringe-I

Diameter : 3.5mm

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